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Terms and conditions

It is intended that this range of products should be installed by a fully qualified and competent person, it should not be regarded as a DIY product.
ATTENTION: The fan consists of fast rotating parts, and is a dangerous machine!  Protective guards are available but it is the sole responsibility of the installer to ensure that the fan cannot be operated in an unsafe or dangerous manner.
Packaging and Delivery
The fan must be inspected for transit damage before any attempt to install it is made. The fan will have left our premises in perfect condition, protected in a cardboard box.  If there are any doubts as to the condition of the fan it MUST be noted on the carriers delivery paperwork.
All the units must be handled with care at all stages, if the blades are distorted during installation it will cause unacceptable vibration and shorten the life of the motor bearings.  Under no circumstances must the unit be carried by the fan blades and ensure that any lift slings do not touch the impeller. Do not allow the plate to twist.
Product / Range specific installation guidance can be found on individual product pages. 
By purchasing our products, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions, and acknowledge that you have read and understood ALL of the applicable installation notes above and per product.

Part shipments of orders are available, but for orders under £500 are at the discretion of Fanbuyer.